A concept artist is someone who generates original ideas and communicates them visually. They must create the style and feel for characters, product models, enviroments and objects. This can be in the form of fantasy world and characters which could never exist, or perhaps architecture and design which can potentially be created for real. Concept art can be very expressive and abstract, not just realistic. The approach used is whichever the artist feels most suitable to get the idea across and the intended feel and style for the artwork.

The concept artist is incredibly important, because it is their pre-production work which impacts the whole project. As idea creators they express the vision in its truest form, before passing it on to the designers that develope it and provide a final product. It is important for there to be strong communication between all people involved to ensure the original. It is also important for the concept artist to have a strong understanding of the type of area they are undertaking.

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